Thinking ahead your letter to Santa never hurts.

So what’s in yours for next Christmas?


Maybe you’re thinking of a way to dramatically increase your sales. To find out why some of your products perform better than others. To learn how people think, act and purchase. Or maybe you’ve seen the change that’s already happening in the consumer-brand relationship and you want to provide new, immersive experiences to your target.

This year, Santa’s gonna be a little early. Just for you.

Broox allows you to create and implement phygital brand experiences that will thrill your audience and improve your engagement. It’s also an intelligent platform that analyzes your consumers with two goals: to tell you what kind of content they are more likely to consume, and to detect how they act in your retail space.

Don’t trust us. Trust facts.


Boost your sales up (by 30-80 %). That’s A LOT of ROI.


Engage with your clients. Really engage. Like “10-times-more” engage.


People love tangible things. The 40-60% increase in purchasing possibilities after holding a product in your hands certainly proves so.


Focus on content. Forget about tech.

Deploy with two clicks (and a cup of coffee).

Ask your creative team and fabricators to implement Broox… or let us do it for you.

Remote maintenance and support any time, any day. Because some things can’t wait. 

Data, data, data. Ongoing in-store customer analysis and insight for you to find out when to fine-tune a campaign. Oh, and you can also segment by campaign or store.

It’s a cloudy future, although a bright one as well. Our cloud-based campaign manager will work everything out so you only have to press a button.

Automation is the key to success. Our many templates will let you create campaigns as carefully as a craftsperson and as swiftly as a production line.

AI is not bad, but SI is way better. It stands for sentient intelligence, it includes computer vision, frame technology and RFID, and it’ll let you know everything there’s to know about your consumers.



But enough with us. Let our clients do the talking from now on.



+81% higher sales in stores with PERCH compared stores without for featured product.

— Lenovo Retail Report (based on avg. sales/store/day)



“We’ve seen a higher sell-through for products on the PERCH table.”

— Mary Beech CMO Kate Spade (WWD, Apr 29, 2014)

“PERCH's allows us to create a dynamic experience in store. We've seen so much positive engagement with PERCH, consumers gather around the display to see what each product reveals.”

— Rachel Shechtman, STORY



+50% sales for product on display

— Pernod-Ricard independent Study

And what if you want to scale it?


Boy, are we happy you asked. When we say Broox is scalable, we’re not only defining it. We’re also making a promise to you. Because none of this makes sense if a large-scale implementation is not possible. Or if it’s one headache after another. Our team will help you make it easy. And then we’ll lend you technical support whenever you require it.


Don’t let Santa down. The fatter your letter, the happier he’ll be.

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